Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP)

Duration: 3 days

The Certified Business Analysis Professional TM (CBAP) designation is a professional certification for individuals with extensive business analysis experience.

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The Certified Business Analysis Professional TM (CBAP®) designation is a professional certification for individuals with extensive business analysis experience. With at least 7500 hours of hands-on BA experience, CBAP® recipients are the elite, senior members of the BA community.

This class follows recommended content as in the following publication:

A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide)

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 What is the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge?

1.2 What is Business Analysis?

1.3 Key Concepts

1.4 Knowledge Areas

1.5 Tasks

1.6 Techniques

1.7 Underlying Competencies

1.8 Other Sources of Business Analysis Information

Chapter 2: Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring

2.1 Plan Business Analysis Approach

2.2 Conduct Stakeholder Analysis

2.3 Plan Business Analysis Activities

2.4 Plan Business Analysis Communication

2.5 Plan Requirements Management Process

2.6 Manage Business Analysis Performance

 Chapter 3: Elicitation

3.1 Prepare for Elicitation

3.2 Conduct Elicitation Activity

3.3 Document Elicitation Results

3.4 Confirm Elicitation Results

Chapter 4: Requirements Management & Communication

4.1 Manage Solution Scope & Requirements

4.2 Manage Requirements Traceability

4.3 Maintain Requirements for Re-use

4.4 Prepare Requirements Package

4.5 Communicate Requirements

Chapter 5: Enterprise Analysis

5.1 Define Business Need

5.2 Assess Capability Gaps

5.3 Determine Solution Approach

5.4 Define Solution Scope

5.5 Define Business Case

Chapter 6: Requirements Analysis

6.1 Prioritize Requirements

6.2 Organize Requirements

6.3 Specify and Model Requirements

6.4 Define Assumptions and Constraints

6.5 Verify Requirements

6.6 Validate Requirements

Chapter 7: Solution Assessment & Validation

7.1 Assess Proposed Solution

7.2 Allocate Requirements

7.3 Assess Organizational Readiness

7.4 Define Transition Requirements

7.5 Validate Solution 

7.6 Evaluate Solution Performance

Chapter 8: Underlying Competencies

8.1 Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving

8.2 Behavioral Characteristics

8.3 Business Knowledge

8.4 Communication Skills

8.5 Interaction Skills

8.6 Software Applications

Chapter 9: Techniques

9.1 Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition

9.2 Benchmarking

9.3 Brainstorming

9.4 Business Rules Analysis

9.5 Data Dictionary and Glossary

9.6 Data Flow Diagrams

9.7 Data Modeling

9.8 Decision Analysis

9.9 Document Analysis

9.10 Estimation

9.11 Focus Groups

9.12 Functional Decomposition

9.13 Interface Analysis

9.14 Interviews

9.15 Lessons Learned Process

9.16 Metrics and Key Performance


IMPORTANT NOTE:  IIBA does not offer paper-based testing in Barbados or the Eastern Caribbean.  Candidates should check with iiba.org for exam availability.


Completion of the Business Analyst Essentials class or equivalent knowledge or experience

Kindly visit http://www.iiba.org/Certification-Recognition/CBAP-Designation.aspx for full details

Target audience

Business analysts, System analysts, Project Managers, coordinators, team leaders, project analysts, and others wish to take Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) or Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA™) exam 

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