FREE Webinar – Microsoft Office – Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Duration: 30 mins

This FREE Webinar is designed to share some Product Knowledge examples (Tips, Tricks and Techniques) about using Microsoft Microsoft Office on a day to day functioning role in a business environment. Be prepared to learn something new!

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The Tips, Tricks and Techniques demonstrated in this webinar are to give participants a quick preview of the type of content we share as part of our Product Knowledge training.  

This is not a training course and Certificate of Completion and courseware will not be provided. 


No previous knowledge required.

Other information

This FREE Webinar is specifically targeting Office Professionals, Compliance Professionals, Office Administrative Personnel, Human Resource Professionals, persons creating complex manuals and procedural documents.


This session will demonstrate the concept of creating and working with Master Documents and Linking Excel worksheet data to Microsoft Word documents so that changes in the Excel files updates automatically in the Word documents..

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