Create Images for Business Online Course

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The Create Images for Business Online Course is a comprehensive course made up of 7 manageable learning objects. Once you have completed the course you’ll have learned how to create images and how to use them in your business for marketing and promotional purposes.

Instructions are given for creating and editing images on a PC and Apple Mac with some useful tips for photography included. You will learn about different types of image editing software, file formats, resolution and why to use jpg?s, png?s or gifs.


Did you know that images get more engagement across social media channels and on your website than text does? During our Create Images for Business Online Course, you will discover ways to capture, create and edit photos and vector images. You will realise what a powerful part of your business marketing images can be. You will see how they are successfully used for marketing and promotion via social media channels, email and on companies websites.

The content is broken down into manageable learning objects:

  • Learning Object 1😕Why use images??- Why do we like images?,?How are we influenced by images?, The purpose of images and Examples of how images are used for marketing.
  • Learning Object 2: Photography?– Camera and mobile phone photography, Tablet photography, Capturing people, Photography tips and Social Media profile images.
  • Learning Object 3: Image Creation?– Rasters and vectors, Images for print and for website use, Infographics, Avatars, Social Media headers and backgrounds, Line art, Word clouds, Screenshots, Animated images, Collages and Images with text overlay.
  • Learning Object 4😕Legal Use of Images?– Using Clipart or not, The legal use of images and licences, Google images and Stock images.
  • Learning Object 5: Editing Images?– File types and image compression, Image editing – looking at 3 solutions; Inkscape, Gimp and Photoscape, Online tutorials for Photoshop, Online options – BeFunky, Photoshop and Express Editor.
  • Learning Object 6😕Sharing Images?– Image sharing community, Sharing images on Tumblr, WordPress and Social Media, Picasa and Google Photos.
  • Learning Object 7:?Issues with Images?– Listening to images, Five kinds of Alt text and Colour blindness.

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