Creating Video for Business Online Course

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Whilst?working through the informative and hands on Creating Video for Business?online course, you will plan your own marketing video, carry out the initial production, capture the video, edit the video and add any additional sound and images if required. At the completion of the course, you will be able to publish your video to YouTube and share across other social media channels.


Over the past few years, video has become one of the most popular forms of marketing used by businesses.?Can you afford to ignore video marketing? There is no need for you to pay expensive video creation fees because?our creating video for business online course will teach you how to produce professional video at a fraction of the cost. This online course is very practical and completely hands on.
Once you have completed this online course, you will be able to produce, create, edit, publish and share your video.

The content is broken down into manageable learning objects:

  • Learning Object 1😕Video for Marketing?-?What is video and why would a business use it for marketing?, Styles of video – looking at examples, Ways to capture video with examples and ways to determine the success of a?video.
  • Learning Object 2😕Principles of Video Capture?– The stages of production, Planning a video, What equipment and software to use, Adding impact with images and jingles, Things to consider when capturing sound, Planning the keywords to use when distributing the video, Some principles when capturing video and Alternative methods of production.
  • Learning Object 3: How to Create Video?– Tips for capturing Live Action video, animation, whiteboard and screen recording. Preparing the video file for editing.
  • Learning Object 4😕How to Edit Video?– Looking at principle editing techniques, Considering tests and checks to do before editing and before finalising your video.
  • Learning Object 5😕Publishing Options?– Video playback options and YouTube – How to setup a channel and upload a video.
  • Learning Object 6: Measuring Success?– Ways to improve ranking and search results for a video and How to measure the success of a video.

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