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With the Learn to Blog online course, you will be introduced to the world of blogging. It will explain what a blog is, what a regularly updated blog can do for your brand/business, what software you will require to start creating a blog, how to use the software and how to implement it to promote your brand and attract new business via your blog.


Blogging is a fantastic way to promote your business or provide an outlet for your creativity. ?With our Learn to Blog Online Course, you will learn how to plan and create a blog using a number of resources which are available. Our course is created in a structured way to make creating a blog easy to do. You will cover how to plan, design, create and share a blog using various available?online tools.

The content is broken down into manageable learning objects:

  • Learning Object 1: Finding Out About Blogs?? What is a blog?, Different types of blog, Why to blog, Find blogs to read, Using curation tools to read blog posts, Commenting on blogs, Sharing blogs, Who reads blogs?, Your branding, What you will blog about, How often to blog and Taking a strategic approach.
  • Learning Object 2: Designing Your Blog ??What you want your blog to look like, How you want your visitors to interact with your blog, What additional information should be on your blog and What tool to use to create your blog.
  • Learning Object 3: Managing Your Blog? ? Creating a content plan, Identifying topics to write about, Writing posts that are easy to read, Choosing images for blog posts, Registering your blog with directories, Distributing and marketing your blog, Managing comments on your blog, Blogging communities and Measuring the impact of your blog.
  • Learning Object 4: Blogger ?? Creating a Blogger blog, A mobile template, Google Gadgets, Blogger settings, Writing a post, Getting ready to publish, Creating static pages, Responding to comments, Blogger statistics, Google AdSense and Deleting a blog.
  • Learning Object 5: Tumblr?? Overview of Tumblr, Tumblr examples, Setting up a Tumblr account, Customizing a Tumblr blog, How to create blog posts, How to add tags, What the Tumblr Bookmarklet does in a browser, How to track visitors to your Tumblr and How to manage engagement from others.
  • Learning Object 6: WordPress ? Creating a WordPress blog, Choosing a template, Creating static pages, Changing the appearance of your blog, Checking the settings of your blog, Writing a post, Managing comments, WordPress statistics and Deleting your blog.


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