LinkedIn for Business Online Course

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With the LinkedIn for Business online course, you will learn how you can develop and market your personal brand and that of your business using LinkedIn. You will discover how to find, contact and engage with important business contacts and potential customers. You will set up your own optimized personal LinkedIn profile and input what you have learned into your business profile.


When you have completed the LinkedIn for Business online course you will have an optimised LinkedIn profile and you’ll be able to use LinkedIn to find and connect with key business contacts and prospective customers. You will be able to create a fully optimized?personal profile, learn about business pages, groups and make full use of the opportunities that LinkedIn offers.

The content is broken down into manageable learning objects:

  • Learning Object 1: LinkedIn Basics – What & Why : What is LinkedIn, History of LinkedIn, Content & relationship marketing, Why would you want to use LinkedIn? and Who is the LinkedIn audience?
  • Learning Object 2: Creating an Individual Profile: Joining LinkedIn, Keywords for LinkedIn profiles, Completing an individual?profile and Profile security.
  • Learning Object 3: Using LinkedIn as an Individual: Who to connect with, Finding contacts, Engaging with contacts, Deciding who can see your connections, LinkedIn Education pages, Status updates, Using Groups, Using LinkedIn for research, Who can see when you look at their profile, Using LinkedIn to find a job, Pulse and Types of LinkedIn account.
  • Learning Object 4: LinkedIn Company Profile / Measurement / Best Practice:  Finding more about using LinkedIn for business, Why have a company profile, Creating a company profile, Showcase Pages, Insights, Linking an individual profile to a company profile, Creating a group, LinkedIn advertising, How to measure success on LinkedIn and Best practice on LinkedIn.

The course includes support through the Concise Forum.


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