WordPress for Websites Online Course

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This comprehensive online course will take you through the features of the WordPress software and the steps you need to create your own website from scratch or to maintain an existing website in house.


When you have completed the WordPress for websites online course, you will be able to create a WordPress website with a blog.  You will think about designing a user-friendly website (colours, images, accessibility); You will install a template, include plugins, create static pages, include images, use widgets and implement SEO.  You will also create blog posts, include Google Analytics in the website and you will receive an introduction to using Google Analytics to measure the success of your site.

The Concise Training WordPress course offers a complete package in one place and is written for business people in easy-to-understand plain English.  This doesn’t mean you miss out on the things that you need to know but it does mean that you are more likely to understand what is being talked about.

The course covers everything you need to create a website including information about choice of colours and images, the layout of the website, choosing a template, using plugins and creating static pages. The course includes an introduction to search engine optimisation so right from the start you will create a website that can be found by the search engines and your customers.

Content is broken down into manageable learning objects:

  • Learning Object 1: What is WordPress & Web Design Steps: What is WordPress and why use it? Choosing between self-hosted or web-hosted versions and looking at website design and accessibility.
  • Learning Object 2: Getting Started with WordPress : Customising your WordPress website?s appearance and using a blog as part of your site.
  • Learning Object 3: Enhancing your WordPress Site:  Using plugins and widgets, creating menus and an introduction to HTML and How to get your website found.

Support is available via the Concise Training online forum.


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